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July 1, 2011:
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How do unlimited movie tickets work?

Pass Allows for No-Limit Film Viewing

Unlimited Movie Tickets are fast becoming a reality, with a new system that essentially creates a membership redeemable at movie theaters which lets you see as many films as you want in a single month for a fixed rate. Similar to the Netflix model, the unlimited movie tickets plan would let you buy a membership, which uses a smartphone app for ticketing, and then get your pass to see a movie through the ticket taker at participating theaters. This interaction is necessary in order to keep track of which films are getting attendance, since Hollywood studios like to know who saw what, even if you are using passes or free tickets. Unlimited movie ticket plans may work well for consumers who already see multiple movies every month, even if they see them at discounted matinee prices, since the overall cost of the membership may be less than the total spent every month at the theater. Likewise, theater owners may be making a premium off unsold or unused tickets, and under any circumstances these filmgoers are still compelled to buy concessions which have a pretty fantastic markup.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: The unlimited movie ticket pass idea is still in testing phase, and may not come to a theater near you for a couple of years.