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July 1, 2011:
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Testing in San Francisco Bay Area

New Film Pass Lets You See All the Movies You Want

Unlimited movie pass technology promises to revolutionize filmgoing by making it possible for people to pay a flat rate to see movies at the theater. Instead of paying for individual film viewings, you would pay a monthly rate that would let you see multiple films in the same month, in the same way you can stream multiple movies on Netflix for a flat rate. If movie studios and major theater chains buy in to the concept, the flat rate movie pass could become extremely commonplace, and tie into social media and DVD (or streaming) offers to the same people who saw certain films. Unlimited movie passes could also be a way to boost theater attendance and compel people to see movies that would have otherwise been skipped due to the price of the film. On the other hand, it may be harder to cash in on blockbusters if pass holders all pick up the seats for these films.

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Special note: Right now very few theaters have the unlimited pass option, but it may become more mainstream as smartphone and NFC chip technolog takes off.